Discover The Tools You Need To Live Your Limitless Life


Whether you're looking for individual, group coaching, or online courses, we have a program for you. You're healing absolutely begins within your mind. Learn the skills and tools that led us to our individual limitless lives!

You may be asking yourself if coaching is really right for you.

If you've tried day in and day out to change and you've received little or no results, then the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! 


Many times we need the unconditional support from someone who knows exactly how we are feeling. This connection is essential to be able to open up and share our truth, to truly feel as if we are in a safe place. This is what makes our platform unique.  We are both coaches and mentors with our own unique stories and value that we bring to the table. We've "walked the walk" and battled to get our lives back when it seemed that there was no way out. We've put in the work to become the greatest versions of ourselves and learned the tools to be consistent everyday. The most important investment that we can make is the investment into ourselves. 


You will learn the skills to take control of


Survivors Guilt

Fear and Desperation



Caretaker Advisory

Suicidal Thoughts

Stroke/Brain Injury Recovery


"Don't worry, we got you! As your support, we serve as a beacon in your most stormy times. It's time to find your personal power within and focus on development. Let's recalibrate your mind to expose and reach your breakthroughs."

~Jason & Brisa


This isn't therapy, this is ENLIGHTENMENT. Are you willing to take action today and make the change that you deserve? Your path to the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF begins today!



No More Bad Days - Package of (5) 60-minute Sessions

$1147 Individual/ Family



Be Greater-Package of (10) 60-minute Sessions

$2047 Individual/ Family

(You save over $240)


"Brisa has glorified and articulated what it means to "beGREATER". What she gives back in confidence gets translated into positivity. Everyone has the potential to live a fulfilling life as a survivor, the true and only difference lies in the way we look at things."

~Pierre (Stroke Survivor)

New York 

Recalibrate Your Mind and Live Your Life by Design

Don't let the effects of your past traumatic events and depression define who you are today. Take charge of your internal struggles and become the best version of yourself for you and the ones that you love. 
The journey toward the new you starts today! Take control of your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. The power is within you and it all begins in your own mind. 
This 6-week course is designed to dig deep and expose the things from your past. You will learn how your mind has been individually conditioned to operate, learn skills to change your perspective, heal, and learn how to consciously create your new future of limitless possibility.  

Regain your life back! Build your solid foundation to create great relationships! And become the person that you know you were designed to be!


How Does Your Partner Support You? 


Support and love from your partner after a traumatic event is essential for recovery. As a result, we offer individual and couples coaching.

Learn to communicate with your partner. Gain the skills to give and to receive the support that you need. Discover each other's triggers and feel safe and secure to move forward. 

We aim to help couples to create a dynamic, respectful, and conscious relationship that will align your journey together.