What exactly is a Pinky Move? 

Our definition of a Pinky Move is a micro move in the direction of your goals, ultimately leading to massive success. 
Why do we call it a Pinky Move?
In 2014, I (Brisa) was given a less than 1% chance to survive after my Brain Stem/Pons Stroke that developed into locked in syndrome. As a result of this syndrome, I could not move or communicate with the external world. 
While I was locked in my body, I decided to cleanse my thoughts and focused on nothing else but complete healing and my beautiful future and not the odds or probability. 
I lived inside of a victorious state even though there was no physical change to my body. Months later my efforts were finally noticed by a tiny movement, the flicker of my pinky. 
This begun a chain of events that took place over the next few years and with hard work and small compounded moves  (which I continue to call “Pinky Moves”) I went on to make a complete physical recovery. 
EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you believe it is! Never allow anyone tell you different... not even you. 
Remember You Are Limitless! 🙌
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